CAV National Alliance Registration is Free To All Groups

  1. Canadian Aboriginal Armed Forces, RCMP, and Canadian Ranger Veterans
  2. Canadian Aboriginal Armed Forces, RCMP, and Canadian Rangers Serving Members
  3. Canadian Aboriginal Youth 13 – 17 years and Jr. Rangers
  4. Canadian Associate Members – Any Person Aboriginal/Non-Aboriginal Nation Wide supporting the CAV

Please follow the following steps to Register with the

CAV National Alliance

  1. Create a Target Folder, Example – CAV Registration Application, in Documents.
  2. Download the CAV Registration Application Form, of the National Alliance Group that you wish to Register with to the Target Folder.
  3. Open the Target Folder, Example – CAV Application in Documents, “Double Click on” on the CAV Registration Application Form”.
  4. Open the Word Document in MS Word, Click on “Enable Edit” if required.
  5. Fill in the CAV Registration Application Form with your information than save the CAV Registration Application Form.
  6. Print-out your completed CAV Registration Application Form, and sent by Canada Post to:

CAV National Alliance
34 Kingham Place
Victoria, British Columbia
V9B 1L8

Please Note – All CAV National Alliance Registration Information is held Confidential and is not published or distributed to third parties.